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We were a group of 6 riders from the UK, we took the 3 day tour. We were all of a reasonable level of riders. Emil lead us and in the most positive way we were pushed to and beyond our riding limits, in that I mean I personally learnt a lot and rode areas climbs and decents that I wouldnt normally have the confidence or skills to normally ride.

I would like to thank all the team at Enduro guided tours for making our stay enjoyable but also when I return to the UK I will take these new skills and confidence levels and add them to make me a better rider.

Top job, well done and a big thank you , we will be back !!!!

07/06/2018 Send Email to PETER
We were a group of four who had some but little experience riding. Our guide Ica learned us alot of skills that were good to have in the trail. The trails were of first class and we got alot of challenges. This is a guided tour unlike others,they know every trail in the area and can ride for days without hitting the same trail. They encourage you to take trails you normally wouldn't try if you were riding on your own. Trip for next year are already book, I think that says alot. Thanks for the experience
23/09/2017 Send Email to DANIEL C

We had a great time! Highley recommend it! 

The bikes were the best rental enduro bikes I have ever expereinced.

Very professional setup.

We will come back again.

13/09/2017 Send Email to KASPER JACOBSEN

I should say, the expectation was not so high when we were planning our first Enduro Tour to Romania, we did not know much about Enduro in Romania except we all heard about Red Bull Romaniacs.

So, from the first contact to Enduro Guided Tours, we were amazed, everything so well organized and everything we were told before where better than we expected.

The Hotel, the guides (All the staff), bikes and of course the tracks where awesome.

We are already start planning for next year 2018 to come back to Emil and his team (IKA and BOBO) where perfect guides and unbelievable patient for us as we were not all on the same level😊


I would not be saying all those positive things about this company unless it is 100% truth and I give it my best recommendation ever.


We were a big group from Iceland 15 person, and only thing i can say „WE WILL BE BACK “


All the best, and thank you Emil and team.


Bjarni „DURTUR“

28/07/2017 Send Email to BJARNI EINARSSON

What a Fantastic Trip!  

Emil and Ika are the perfect blend of hospitality professionals, enduro fanatics, and charming fun guys.  We were immediately relaxed by Emil's easy going nature and over the course of the trip found him to be a real pleaure to hang out with and he has a great sense of humour!  Ica is like having your own perosonal A-Team as he can fix anything anywhere with his bare hands.

The two of them were immensely patient with us due to a mix of skill levels and temperments, and they never failed to make every option availalble to us and they always put in the maximum effort.  The accomodation was well thought out and good quality and excellent value.

The food was really very good, which was an unexpected and pleasant surprise.  The enduro riding was so plentiful and of all levels that there is infinite riding for every level.  The riding and scenery is second to none anywhere in the world.

Favourite quote of the trip was from Emil to me while trying to get up a level 3 - 'Henry, stop the gas on gas off, it nooo goooood!  I want to hear the engine go woooooooooooooooooooovFy!!'

These guys gave us the holiday of a lifetime, we will be back - they come with our strongest recommendation posible.


02/07/2017 Send Email to H J EMSON

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